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Learn Guidewire

Beginner To Expert

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We provide complete training on Guidewire from basic to advanced concepts including Functional, Configuration and Integration module.

Policy Center

The Policy Center Application is used by the Policy Underwriter to create, modify, renew and cancel policies

Claim Center

The Claim Center Application is used by the Claims Adjusters to process claims and provide payments to the claimants

Billing Center

The Billing Center Application is used by the Billing Clerks to bill policy holders and pay commissions to insurance agents

What is Guidewire ?

Guidewire is an end-to-end Insurance application where all the Database, Logic and UI is configured within the application itself. Built on latest technologies, database tables can be created by few button clicks, logical part can be written by simple Gosu scripts and user interface can be designed by just drag and drop of widget tools to a page.

The core applications provided by Guidewire Insurance Suite are : Policy Center, Claim Center, Billing Center. Policy center helps you purchase policies based on your specific needs, Claim Center handles Claims life cycle and Billing center when integrated with Claim Center or Policy Center, eases out the Financial transactions.

Why Learn Guidewire ?


Today, Guidewire has become the hottest topic in Insurance industry. Learning Guidewire is one of the fastest ways to improve your career prospects as it is one of the most in demand tech skills. We provide you a complete course from beginner to expert on Guidewire Applications.

We have Trained Professionals who can assist you in learning the application end-to-end with real time use cases. The training will help you start your career as a Guidewire Developer, Guidewire Testing and Business Analysts. We share sample resumes to build your job profile. We also share commonly asked Guidewire interview questions that can help you clear the job interviews.

Courses Offered

We Provide Self Learning Courses where students can buy a detailed Pre-Recorded Videos of the Guidewire Class and Batch Learning Courses where the students can join the Live sessions and interact with our Trainer.

Self Learning

The course includes video recordings, assignments, sample resumes and interview questions with answers. Candidates with basic knowledge on Insurance domain and OOPs concepts can opt this course.

Batch Learning

The course includes LIVE Instructor-led training with application access. Along with the recordings, assessments, sample resumes and interview questions, candidates can also interact with the instructor for Q&A session.

Training Agenda

Guidewire Applications have a 3 tier architecture where the Data Tier is handled by the entities and typelists, Presentation Tier is handled by the Page Configuration Files(PCF) and Application Tier is handled by the Gosu code. The training will help you understand how to create and modify files in each tier of the application.

Guidewire Application can be integrated to external systems through various integration methods. The training will guide you through steps to publish and consume web services for synchronous communication, create messaging queues for asynchronous communications, generate XML and JSON message payloads, configure plugins, create and schedule batch process.

The training will include the functional modules of the Guidewire application and how they differ from each other. For instance, Policy Center involves creating multiple policy transactions like submission, Policy Change, Renewal, Cancellation, Reinstatement and Rewrite. However, Claim Center mainly deals with processing the claim like FNOL and POst FNOL steps, creating exposures, reserves and cheques.

Course Content

The course will include both, functional and technical aspects of Policy Center. Below topics will be covered as part of the training :

Functional Module Configuration Module Integration Module
  • Introduction to Policy Center
  • Account Creation
  • Submission Transaction
  • Policy Change Transaction
  • Renewal Transaction
  • Cancellation Transaction
  • Reinstatements Transaction
  • Rewrite Transaction
  • Quick Quote
  • Full Application Quote
  • Out Of Sequence Transaction
  • Offerings
  • Question Sets
  • Guidewire Agile Methodology
  • Product Designer
  • Product Model
  • Product
  • Policy Line
  • Coverage
  • Coverage Terms
  • Types of Coverages
  • Administration
  • Create User, Group, Roles, Permissions
  • Underwriter Authority
  • Introduction to Guidewire Configuration
  • Extending Base Entities
  • Creating New Entities
  • Data Dictionary
  • Typelists
  • The User Interface Architecture
  • Atomic Widgets
  • Input Set
  • Display Keys
  • Detail Views
  • List Views
  • Card Views
  • List Detail View
  • Modes
  • Wizard and Screen
  • Location Group and Page
  • Exit Points
  • Arrays
  • Pattern Validation
  • UI Validation
  • PCF Methods
  • Script Parameters
  • Entity Names
  • Partial Page Update
  • Integration Overview
  • Gosu Statements
  • Gosu Queries
  • Gosu Bundles
  • Data Change API
  • Login/Exception Handling
  • Enhancements
  • Gosu Class
  • Debugging Gosu Class
  • Publish a Web Service
  • Consume SOAP Web Service
  • Consume REST Web Service
  • GX Models
  • JSON Payloads
  • Gosu Templates
  • Create Batch Process
  • Schedule Batch Process
  • Predefined Plugins
  • Custom Plugins
  • Business Rules
  • Events
  • Messaging Framework
  • Create Message Queue
  • Integration to GW Applications

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